Only till Linz FMR - Art in digital contexts and public spaces

FMR 21

LINZ FMR – Art in digital contexts and public spaces is a biennial festival format that reflects on the ephemeral character of our digital and networked present. Digital processes and aesthetics have developed in our virtual second lives, and new topics have arisen. But what happens if we set glitches, GUIs, deep fakes, followers, online networks, and face filters in the context of the public space? The juxtaposition reveals the supposed dualism of the virtual and the real, of digital and analogue, while simultaneously emphasizing the layers, shifts, and disruptions of their interconnectedness.

FMR 21, whose title alludes to transience and short-livedness, is a place for experimentation and artistic transformation, where installations, sculptures, prints, performances, and moving images that have their origin in the digital realm are presented in the surroundings of the Mühlkreisbahnhof in Linz-Urfahr. Outside of museums, galleries or art spaces, this public space catapults the artistic positions into the realness of its interspaces, corners, roof tops, poster walls and concrete façades.

Thomas Albdorf × Yarli Allison × Clara Boesl × DARV × A K Dolven × Dries Depoorter × Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir with Boris Kourtoukov × Tom Galle × Gischt × Astrid Gnosis × Kyriaki Goni × Julia Grillmayr × Christina Gruber × Gaby Hartel × Edurne Herrán × Echo Ho × Lucas LaRochelle × Aimilia Liontou × Stephanie Lüning × Thomas Macho × Barbara Marcel × Maren Mayer-Schwieger × Adam Merki × Gloria Meynen × Dominik Morishita-Leitner × Jaakko Myyri × Hannah Neckel × Nkisi × Elisa Giardina Papa × Matthias Pitscher × pnk_t × Carlos Sáez × Richard Sennett × Enrique Tomás × Julian Umhaller × Filipe Vilas-Boas × Simon Weckert with Armandeus Meniak and Lucas Novy × Zara Worth