FMR prime time

How do e-scooters, boomboxes, Radio FRO, electronic music sets and the Mühlkreisbahnhof area fit together? With FMR prime time, the Linz-based artists’ collective qujOchÖ brings an unprecedented concept to public space, from Urfahr to the Internet.

Friday, June 4, 2021, from 6.30 p.m.
around the festival area and on Radio FRO 105.0 MHz
with pnk_t (AT), Gischt (AT), Astrid Gnosis (GB) & Nkisi (BE)

Ephemeral sounds stretch across streets, tracks and parks, can be caught and immediately travel on. The spectators: protagonists and outsiders at the same time in this performance-meets-film-shot-meets-DJ-set. Their own playback devices complete the concert: the sets are broadcast live via Radio FRO (105.0), while the spectacle is recorded with cameras, cell phones and Super 8 recording devices.

FMR prime time aims to serve as a bridge between ephemeral online concerts on the one hand, and audience-oriented on-site performances on the other, by exploring the possibilities of hybrid musical enjoyment. What possibilities does a virtual format offer, and what aspects of the “traditional”, sweaty, but also euphoric dance experience in club spaces should nevertheless not be missed? FMR prime time is a sound performance that combines electronic music sets, individual public listening sessions, mobile performances in urban spaces, and the “making of these last” in the form of online accessible documentation. The public space of music consumption is thus not only proverbially hybrid here: both the physical and the virtual space are meant.

Concept: qujOchÖ.
Planning and organization: Camille Alquier, Isabella Auer, Davide Bevilacqua, Costanza Brandizzi, Jakob Dietrich, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Julia Nüßlein, Sun Obwegeser.