DARV_Steps Untold (Guest Performance)


DARV_Steps Untold is a series of Mixed Reality performative interventions that take place on steps and stairways in the public space of Linz. It addresses the social pressure for constant (self-)optimization, the continuous (re-)positioning and integration in new contexts.

The DARV team created a conceptual and media framework in which choreographers, sound artists, and non-professional performers with different cultural and social backgrounds were invited to work together.

They present two site-specific performative interventions accompanied by soundscapes, involving real and digital performers. Different levels of reality are intertwined through the use of AR technology. Both projects, Treasures and (Not) Here (Not) There, expose the personal, intimate realities of the participants by revealing their way of living and working, their perspectives on language and culture, the awareness of their own diversity.

DARV_Steps Untold | Cast:
DARV core team: Violeta Ivanova (BG/AT, Conceptual Art), Mihaela Kavdanska (BG/AT, Media and Interactive Art), Florian Weinrich (AT, Interaction Design and Software Development)
LM Media (AT) & Pusch.TV (AT)

Participating artists:
Treasures: Dolma Jover (ES, choreographer), Edgar Friedl (AT, sound artist), Luis Gonzaga Hoyos (CO, performer), Arno Plass (AT, performer)
(Not) Here (Not) There: Constantin Georgescu (RO, choreographer), Sabina Hyoju Ahn (KR, sound artist), Maia Benashvili (GE, performer), Ayan Rezaei (IR, performer)