Sometimes I feel nice ✨

Hannah Neckel (AT)

Our human body is our portal to experience physical reality. It enables us to grasp existence with our senses. In the virtual world, representations of our body are often reproduced, but why do we feel compelled to represent ourselves with our physical forms? In virtuality, we can take on any shape, form, or being. On the Internet, we are actually no longer bound to this physical form. Nevertheless, we often fall into the old patterns of translating IRL in URL instead of breaking through this thinking with the boundlessness of the digital body.

We mostly represent our self through our face, it serves us as a recognition feature and we define our identity through it. With the filter, we can detach ourselves from these specifications in brief moments and change and modify our physical form at will. Become your own customizable avatar IRL and URL. ✨🧚🏻

Hannah Neckel is an intermedia artist, based in the internet. She studies Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her multimedia XXXperiences seduce into a dreamy hyper space where internet and the physical world merge. The Internet as a utopian place of longing serves as a starting point for the desire for freedom that manifests itself in the works and is generated in an interplay of online and offline footage. The Internet aesthetic spills into reality as if from a glass that overflows and they overlap and connect like the layers of a photoshop file. Recently her work was shown in Semperdepot in Vienna, Fluc in Vienna, Well Now WTF? (Internet), Re:Publica in Berlin, Periscope in Salzburg, Austrian Cultural Forum in London and De:Formal Gallery in New York.