3D Desktop

Edurne Herrán (ES)

The idea to this work came up when Edurne Herrán thought about a possible loss of all her digital files and asked herself: “How can I measure the intangible?”

The goal of the installation is to take the virtual to the physical level, making the intangible tangible. Nothing we created in the virtual world is trivial: our tools have been copied and digitally reproduced. Technologies help us carry out everyday tasks, and while some argue that technology has made our lives more complex, we can see how it has changed our world, un-cluttering our desks and simplifying our lives.

The main idea is to explore the physicality of digital files and their arrangement in physical (public) space in order to make the personal visible and see how it affects environment and audience. With 3D Desktop Edurne Herrán has recreated her computer desktop environment in the real world so that the audience can dive into it, not by clicking but using their bodies. This work functions as an intervention in public space and a metaphor for the information we share virtually.

Edurne Herrán (* 1978) is a Basque Visual Artist based in Berlin. Her work is directly connected to everyday life and the communication and interrelationship between individuals. Aware of how new technologies and the Internet catalyze and amplify states of emotions, she uses these new social systems and communication dynamics to contextualize her projects. She has been awarded grants and artistic prizes such as Montehermoso Cultural Center, the Ranchito Residency Program in Matadero Cultural Center, Roberto Villagraz and the prestigious Propuestas VEGAP – Spanish Visual Entity for the Management of Visual Artists. Museums like ARTIUM in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Andalusian Centre of Photography in Almería, Barjola Museum in Gijón and Museum of Communication in Frankfurt am Main have exhibited her works.