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Clara Boesl (AT)

Everything material has the potential to be enclosed in sauce. But no matter how hard you try, turning the thing and strategically biting in the right places, it still runs out the other side. It flows and drips. An excess of sauce is intolerable!

In the midst of theoretical questioning an everyday moment, Clara Boesl’s sauce dispensers burst into vacuum like compressed tomatoes. This is what constitutes the horror vacui of the net: the opacity of total calculatedness. Punctured by a thoughtless accent – a large serve of ketchup. The original sauces were thinner and more bitter than today. The sensation of touch is not concerned with the nature of material, solely with the moment of exchange.

By handling auxiliary constructions, we anesthetize classification systems. Saturated with formal causalities, the world persists in a rigid form. A thixotropic substance changes its flows by means of added energy. Shaking turns lumps back into varnish. The flowing forms of digital surrogates fail at the limits of their nature. Only when digitality is contaminated by reality the interface drips out of the screen.

Clara Boesl (*1993) completed her bachelor’s degree in at the University of Arts Linz in 2018. Now she studies Sculpture – Transmedial Space. The absurd and the banal are fixed components of her work, in which she questions social norms and interdependences. Her works help in the search of questions such as: How does one mount an egg appropriately to different spatial circumstances?